December 19, 2010

Varsity in Athens

Helped my sister move into Athens yesterday and dragged my little bro (10) along with me for company. He'd never had Varsity before and it was close to the new apartment, so we stopped for some great fried greasy goodness. He loved the chili dogs and woofed down 2 of them before I knew what happened. I had good ol #2. Chili cheese dog and chili cheese burger with onion rings and an orange freeze. Chili dog didn't make it long enough for me to take the pic.
I don't know if I've never paid attention before or if the Athens Varsity is just  more expensive but the total was somewhere around $18 which is a little more than I would say it's worth. My brother had never been to a Varsity before, so I figured living in the Atlanta area he should be given a chance to experience it and pick a side for that debate.

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