December 29, 2010

Quoc Huong Banh Mi Fast Food

 I've had Bahn Mi before, but I was left feeling underwhelmed considering my expectations. I decided to give it another shot after reading the Atlanta Bahn Mi guide on Chow Down Atlanta and seeing that the place I went didn't make the cut at all.

I met a buddy of mine this past week at at a Bahn Mi joint, 'Quoc Huong Bahn Mi Fast Food'. It's on Buford Hwy in Doraville just inside 285. Quoc Huong is considered the top bahn mi spot in Atlanta. Based on my comparison, I'd say it's definitely at the top of my list. The Banh Mi in general fascinates me. Baguette, basil, jalapenos...wild mix.

Here are the cool things about Quoc Huong:

  •  First off, the bahn mi was amazing. BBQ Pork = great. 
  • The new Karate Kid was on a TV in the background 
  • The name. I can't even pronounce it. 
  • There was a dude with a zombie-like complexion outside the place selling seafood.

Quoc Huong on Urbanspoon

 This is the BBQ Pork Bahn Mi. The pork had a fantastic flavor, the vegetables weren't overwhelming and the jalapenos added some zang to it. I don't know what the sauce is they put on these, it looks like hollandaise or something, but it is awesome also.

 I took an extra one home for my wife, but she didn't want it so I ate it for dinner that night also. Good stuff.
Combination Bahn Mi. This had some pate, pork and some other stuff I can't remember in it. It was goood, but BBQ pork was definitely better. Could have used a line of sri racha down the middle. I ate it in the car, otherwise I would have added some. 


  1. Dude, are you kidding me? The bahn mi there at Quoc Huong are fantastic but I cannot believe that you didn't think that they were spicy enough with the jalapenos that were added on the sandwich. Usually they are WAY past nuclear! are my hero...or else they had some lame peppers that day. Usually they will knock your eyeballs out.

  2. The bbq one was spicy for sure, but for some reason the combo one didn't have the same punch.