December 02, 2010

Rising Roll in Lawrenceville

I first visited Rising Roll maybe 3 years ago. I thought it was fine for a sandwich place, but the bread on the sandwiches was too thick. A couple months ago I went back after hearing they had a mean buffalo wrap and I'll be damned they did. Since then Rising Roll has made it's way onto the weekly lunch rotation for our lunch crew at the office. This is the Cobb Salad I had there on Wednesday (pronounced winns-day for some reason, perplexes me).  Other things I recommend are the aforementioned buffalo wrap and the roast pork caliente - a pressed flatbread pork sandwich that I think has roots in the cuban sandwich genre.

I really should have taken a picture of this before I mixed all of it up. And probably should have put a dollar bill next to it for scale or something. This was a big ass salad and had 3 thick rows of chicken, bleu cheese and bacon across the top. Win. Win. Win.

I got Italian dressing which, in retrospect, was stupid. Should have gone with bleu cheese  (more is better cheese).

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