December 30, 2010

Cuban Panini from Spanky's in Savannah

Spanky's Pizza Galley & Saloon is a great local restaurant to get your grub on. They are probably most famous for their Chicken Fingers and have a pretty tasty lineup of pizzas and burgers. They have several locations in Savannah, Pooler, and on Tybee Island. On this visit I decided to break from the normal fare and went with the Cuban Panini.

I am not sure what I expected but what I got was a very good sandwich that I would be hard pressed to call a Cuban. This sandwich while having some of the components of a Cuban, really isn't a Cuban. Don't get me wrong...I really enjoyed this sandwich and it was very good, just not what I expected. This sandwich had marinated pork tenderloin that was sliced thin and layered on the fresh Ciabatta bread. In addition there were pickles, swiss cheese, and a sweet mustard aioli that was served on the side. When you think of a Cuban or a Panini you think of a pressed sandwich, which this wasn't. Also with a Cuban you also have ham on the sandwich along with yellow mustard. These are just minor details, but if you are going to call the sandwich a Cuban Panini, make it a Cuban Panini.

The onion rings at Spanky's are some of the best around and always have to be ordered with whatever sandwich or burger you are eating.

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