December 07, 2010

Hot Boars Head Corned Beef & Swiss

Pretty much as simple of a sandwich as one can make outside of a PB&J. As with all sandwiches there is an art to them but with a little skill, and some luck, you can also make sandwiches as tasty as this one.

I take a Toufayan Onion Pita Bread an cut it in half. The next step is to very carefully open the pita pouch. Any slip up here and you have ruined your sandwich and will have to start over with a new piece of pita bread. Take the one you have ruined, set it aside, and use it for croutons on top of a salad.

I get the corned beef sliced thin at the deli counter in Publix. I then get them to then cut that in half before they put it in the bag. This gives you slices of corned beef that fit nicely on a piece of rye or into a piece of pita bread like with this sandwich.

The corned beef is then placed inside the pita pouch. Cut off the corned beef that hangs over the edge and place those scraps back into the pita. Then take a slice of swiss, tear in half, and place inside the pita.

The next step is to place this inside the convection toaster and bake at 325 for 10 min. Carefully open the pouch on the bottom side so you can squeeze your spicy mustard in and you are now ready to eat your sandwich.

Don't forget your pickles. I like the Hearty Garlic pickles with this sandwich.

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