December 06, 2010

Flip Burger Boutique in Buckhead

I got a jolt to head ITP for dinner this weekend. My wife and I are by no means afraid to head down 85S into the big city and usually make the trip for some kind of event or dinner every couple weeks. Not counting our biweekly visit to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. There are so many options when it comes to dining in Atlanta that it can be difficult to make a decision (case in point, we went to 3 different places on my birthday: Brick Store, Leon's Full Service and Young Augustine's), but the decision to go to Flip Burger Boutique's Buckhead location came pretty easily for some reason.

Flip Burger Boutique is one of a few handfuls of burger joints around town. It is owned by Top Chef runner up, and currently on Top Chef All Stars, Richard Blais and has a distinctly different look than the others and after going there, I think the 'boutique' part of the name describes it well. There are 3 locations total, Midtown, Buckhead and Birmingham, AL. Our choice, the Buckhead location, worked out well for us since we're from Gwinnett and generally despise the parking situation (or lack thereof) in Midtown.

When we walked in I felt like I was in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Everything was futuristic, from the booths (they are like mirror images if you look at the pic below, the top could also be the bottom) to the simple white tables and shiny chairs. There were touches of an older style mixed in - like the antique looking frames around the flat screen TVs. It appeared there would be quite a wait, but we were given a table fairly quickly; the hostess said she "liked 2's".

As far as the menu I definitely set a record for the number of times I changed my mind about what to order. I am a sucker for weird stuff (organs, glands, raw meat, etc) and exciting flavor mixtures so there was plenty for me to choose from. I finally settled on roasted bone marrow for an appetizer and picked the Churasco for my burger. My wife got the Local and we split a side of onion rings. For dessert she picked the Nutella and Burnt Marshmallow milkshake. (They have a Burger of Today. Today's (Dec 7) burger: szechuan chicken - tempura fried chicken, chili garlic glaze, puffed rice, stir fry vegetables, black garlic mayo. OMFG)

My gut's reaction: "Damn, that was a tasty burger adventure. I can't wait to go back."
Check out the pics below for some deeper descriptions and opinions.

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Roasted Bone Marrow
The caveman inside of me has wanted to try properly done bone marrow for a long time. They served it inside of a big beef bone along with some BBQ -something- on top. I can't for the life of me remember what the hell it was on top because I was so enamored by the marrow. I do remember it was good. The marrow itself had a gelatinous/fatty texture to it and a flavor to match. This was great for me as I've been known to eat my wife's fat scraps from a good steak. Bites with some onion, marrow, BBQ whatever and the sauce were

The Churasco Burger
 Burger choice was the Churasco. Wood grilled, grass fed flank steak, chimichurri sauce, grilled sweetbread and some criolo salsa. The beef was awesome and cooked a perfect medium-rare. The sweetbreads (another first for me) were a fun addition. The flavors all around the burger were so bold it was tough for me to tell exactly what each one was, but they all worked together so perfectly that my first bite required a long quite chew. Which, for, me, is either a sign for "This is great" or "This is awful, I'm looking for a place to spit this shit out".

Close: Onion Rings - Far: The Local
 My wife ordered the Local. Maybe could have been seen as  a 'safe' choice, but also a 'this is definitely going to be good' choice. It was local grass fed beef, some local beef bacon, tomato, vidalia onion and house pickles. It came with Flip Sauce, but my wife ordered it on the side. Flip Sauce was described to us as the chef's take on Thousand Island. I thought that was selling it a bit short, but regardless of the description it tasted good and melded nicely with the other burger ingredients. I had more than my share of her burger so I can offer an official opinion that it was very good, but for the $14 price tag there are other burgers I would get instead.

Onion rings are a favorite of ours. Flip's Vodka Battered O-rings were great and O-face inducing. More along the lines of crunchy rings from the Varsity than sweet, doughy rings you find at some places. Served with honey mustard.

Nutella and Burnt Mashmallow Milkshake
 This was an easy choice for my wife, a Nutella fanatic. Nutella is ridiculously good and anyone that hasn't tried it needs to go have a jar of it for lunch. Unfortunately, this wasn't screaming Nutella as loud as we wanted. It had a chocoloatey malt taste to it and, as my wife said, could be more appropriately named a S'more shake. I'm not much for marshmallows, so my opinion is skewed, but my wife likes them and she finished every bit of it.

The bartenders take a blowtorch to the marshmallows on top, and then add liquid nitrogen. I'm not sure whether it affects the flavor of it at all or is just for show, but the show part of it is damn cool because it comes to your table with a cloud of frozen air or whatever around. Definitely a spectacle.

I don't know this woman, but she is probably from the future. 


  1. I stopped reading at "despise the parking situation (or lack thereof) in Midtown."

    If you had actually headed down, you would have found an abundance of free parking right next to Flip Midtown. Additionally, where does Midtown proper (Flip is in "Midtown West") get such a bad reputation for parking? There is literally parking everywhere, on the street, surface pay lots, parking in condo buildings, etc. If you claim not to have found parking in Midtown, I have to question if you even tried looking.

    On topic, I was underwhelmed by Flip. The food wasn't bad, but it was quite overpriced. Especially when compared with the similarly priced burger I had at Hollman & Finch which absolutely blew Flip away.

  2. The parking experiences I've had in Midtown were not fun. You're right, there are places to park, but if I don't have to mess with paying for it or driving around looking for a spot, I won't.

    I love the Hollman and Finch burger as well. We lucked out when we went the first time - the waiter said "You'll want a burger. I already put you in for one." And I'll agree on the price as well, Flip was expensive. Especially the $14 burger I mentioned above.

  3. Hey, What happen to the sidewalker??

  4. there were some issues...I think there may be something back up tomorrow. Not sure of all the details.