December 22, 2010

Farm Burger In Decatur

My awesome department did some volunteer work a little south of Decatur last Wednesday. Since we're usually confined to the Duluth area, I was jazzed at the prospect of going somewhere different. My vote was for Farmburger and everyone else went along with it. I've heard a lot about Farmburger and love the concept (grass fed beef, local products, sustainability), but just haven't gone yet. Most recently, Farmburger came up a few times in off-blog discussions of my trip to Flip Burger, so FB was fresh on my mind.

The inside of the restaurant has a no-frills feel to it. Long picnic style tables are surrounded by tall barstools and high top tables. (I ended up sitting with a stranger on one side of me. It turned out just fine.) They had a special, but since it was my first time, everything looked special. My first choice was a No.1 - the Farmburger, but with bone marrow added. I've mentioned it before - I can't resist ordering weird stuff. There was rain on that part of my parade though...bone marrow was SOLD OUT. I was temporarily stumped, but my boss and the cashier started talking about the No.6. house cured bacon, sunny side up egg, pepperjack cheese and salsa verde. Both my boss and I were convinced - No.6 it was. We also had a fries and onion rings basket. Pics and deeper descriptions below.

Farm Burger on Urbanspoon

These fries were cut from amazing and deep fried in delicious. The dipping sauce was paprika mayonnaise. I'm not sure what was in it, but I'm going to have my wife attempt a recreation. I suppose she'll start with paprika and mayo. (apologies for the blurry pic. I was hungry)
Here's the mess of burger. Yum yum fun. This did not have the house 'FB' sauce, so that was a bit of a bummer, but the burger was very tender and the bun was good enough for me to mention it. I normally wouldn't mention a bun unless it sucked but this bun we good enough, so I mentioned it. Twice now, actually.

This was funny. Not true, but funny.

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