December 18, 2010

Green Truck Neighborhood Pub

This is a new restaurant here in Savannah that offers fresh food with the best in local and organic ingredients. The majority of the menu is their grass fed 100% beef burger selection. I went with the Flathead (burger with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and provolone cheese) and I must say that this was a tasty burger.

Keeping with their theme of fresh, they make their own ketchup at Green Truck. I will admit that I am a Heinz snob. I actually frown on restaurants that use Hunt's products and think that if they are skimping by using Hunt's...what else are they skimping on? The homemade ketchup took a little getting used to, but it worked perfectly on the burger and was a nice compliment for the seasoned fries.

The unknown is now known and I will gladly venture down this road again to try some of the other burgers on the menu.

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