December 16, 2010

Chiriya's Thai Cuisine in Savannah

Talk about stumbling into a gold mine. Today that happened with lunch when I walked into Chiriya's for the first time and was dead set on a Thai lunch. Scanning over the menu I noticed a nice selection of "traditional" Hawaiian dishes. This caught my attention and I couldn't break it from this section of the menu. One dish stood out to me and that is the Loco Moco. I have placed a video on here for those who have no clue what a Loco Moco is, but is the one thing I thought I would only be able to get in Hawaii, let alone in Savannah. Burger, rice, eggs, gravy...what more could you want?

I was all set on getting the Loco Moco until my eyes caught the "Kalua Pig & Cabbage". The Loco Moco was going to wait until the next visit here because I am going for the pig! This pig is wrapped in banana leaves and is oven cooked (not much ground to bury it in around the restaurant). It is marinated in liquid smoke and sea salt. Then it is served with a huge scoop of cabbage and a side of Jasmine Rice.

This pig was melting in my mouth. It was about as tender as it could get, cooked to perfection, and had a taste unlike any pork I have ever had. It was nice on a cold day to get a little taste of Hawaii.

Be warned though...if you are in a time crunch this might not be the place for you to spend your lunch hour. The food does take a while to prepare and the service could have been a little faster. That being said, the food made up for all that. I am looking forward to going back so I can get my Loco Moco!

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