December 03, 2010

Chili & Caesar Side Salad from Wendy's

Been a while since I have eaten Chili from Wendy's, but I don't remember it looking or tasting like this. It was pretty good and there is a certain way to get the most out of this tasty treat on a cold day.

First you need to add the cheese and onions. The chili by itself if good, but the 2 things round out the base of the chili. Next, you add in 2 packets of the hot sauce. It isn't really "hot", but it does provide an additional burst of flavor in the chili. Finally you crumble the crackers in the packets and then pour on top of the chili. You will do this with 2 packets (4 total crackers) and then add more along they way until you have an empty bowl.

I also had a Caesar Side Salad to help round out this lunch. This is always a winner off the Value Menu.

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  1. What Wendy's are you at??? My Wendy's had stock "spaghetti" shredded parm. I’ve never been to one with shaved. Try adding buffalo sauce to the chili.