December 03, 2010

Talay Thai Cuisine in Suwanee for lunch (again)

Group of us headed to Talay for lunch today. I can't count the number of time's I've eaten there, which is probably a good thing.

When I originally had Thai, I used to stick with noodle dishes, or the "Pads"...pad thai, pad see-eew. My first 2 or 3 experiences were at Thai Pan Alley in Indian Rocks Beach, FL. My wife's good friend lives down there, got my wife hooked on it as a kid so whenever we went to Clearwater we made the now-nostalgic drive down for Thai.

So, going to Talay so much gave me an opportunity to branch out since I wasn't riding on one shot in Florida. I moved from the noodle dishes to some red curry and other meat and veggie dishes. Today it was tangerine beef. I'm not sure how 'authentic Thai' that is considering Chinese restaurants serve it as well, but it's damn good. Fried beef with a delicious sauce, some dried orange peel and a few thai chilis. (PROTIP: Slice the chilis down the middle and spread the seeds through the dish.)

Talay Asian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

They have a couple fish tanks in there with these big fish in them. I always wonder if the fish are bored and how much they would appreciate a ship or fake treasure box to swim around.

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