December 08, 2010

Pinata Apples (I learned more about apples today than I even knew to begin with)

Pinata Apples, also called Pinova, are a cultivar apple from Washington. A mix of  a cross between a Golden DeliciousCox's Orange Pippin and a Duchess of Oldenburg. Pinata's haven't been around very long - marketing and official growing only started in 2004. 

I saw these for the first time at the Dekalb Farmers Market on Sunday. Never heard of them either so I figured I'd grab a couple and see what was up. (Looking back, another factor in my attraction toward these was the display setup. There was only one small section - about the size of a box - with Pinata apples. Other varieties had much larger setups so I think some internal consumer kicked in and said scarcity = demand = good.)

It was a darn good apple. Crispy, sweet, but not too sweet, had a little tart to it, but my favorite thing is that it had a distinct 'apple' flavor. I really can't explain that part, but it was good. 

Pinata Apples are on Facebook  (I 'like' them now) and there's also a handy youtube video that talks about them: 

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