December 04, 2010

Fini's Pizzeria - Pizza and Garlic Knots

I know I've posted about the Fini's in Flowery Branch before, but I don't think I've touched on the original, and my most frequented location. We first stumbled on this small restaurant while living in an apartment in Duluth. The guy that started it was around all the time and it was neat seeing the owners and his family work the busy space on a Friday night. They've since expanded the empire, but the food quality is still great and the staff is always friendly and accommodating to the pickiness stylish specificity that we sometimes have. We opted for a 12" supreme with spinach instead of onions and a side of garlic knots first. (I was in the range of hunger where you feel like you are going to starve if you don't eat in the next 13 minutes.)

The pizza was great as always. The crust at Fini's is a thinner crust, but not like a cracker. There's enough dough to get the idea that you're eating pizza and then a crispy bottom that holds the slice together while you hold it up. I think I remember hearing the owner one time say he wishes he could just get rid of the forks in the restaurant so nobody would eat the pizza with a fork...I always thought that was so cool. It would be even cooler if he actually did it, but still pretty cool to say in front of a customers. My digression was to get to the point that you can just pick it up and eat greasy floppy mess. The garlic knots were fine. Maybe a little overcooked and hard, maybe not enough butter and garlic, but I'm used to the greasy vampire bombs from Provinos as my garlic standard, so take that with a grain of salt.

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