March 09, 2010

Williamson Bros. BBQ

Hadn't eaten here in a long time and this place always seems to come up in the inevitable "best bbq" discussions. Quality is great. Pork was nice and moist with some bark mixed in and had great (but not overpowering) smokiness. The stew is flat awesome..all 6 spoonfuls. If I had an issue with Williamson Bros it is portion size. This is where Fox Bros. is killing it's competition-the photo below is deceiving..the platter with the meat on it is about 6" wide...barely enough stew to get a taste-they give you plenty of steak fries though. These guys can compete with Fox Bros on quality..and price ($15 including tip)..but you get a helluva lot more food at Fox Bros for the same amount of $$.

1 comment:

  1. Is that slaw on top of the pork? Had that for the first time ever from Shane's and it was horrible. Shane's is horrible to begin with, but that threw it to a new level of horrible.