March 03, 2010

Leave it to my wife...

Kid has been real sick, so my wife brought home dinner last night for all of us. It was my fault for saying, "I don't care what you get, I'm just hungry". What does she get? Shane's Sh!t Shack. Really. What does she get for me to eat? A BBQ Sandwich with slaw on it. Have I ever eaten slaw on a BBQ Sandwich? No. Will I again? No. As much as I bad mouth that place...especially when we just had Smoke Station a couple of nights ago and mocked Shane's while we were there...she still pulled this stunt. Not cool. This is by far some of the worst food and BBQ ever. I voted gross on this one.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, Shane's sux.

    But there is a place near me called Uncle Betty's that puts slaw on their sandwich as the "normal" way of doing things. I have learned to always order the house specialty if reasonable so I did so. It's different than I'm used to, but not bad at all. Now I always get slaw on it when I go there. But that's the only place where I do that.