March 19, 2010

Tanner's in Buford

There was a Tanner's in 'old' Lawrenceville years ago near the dollar theater and someone got shot in there. That's pretty hardcore.

Either they push or used to push or were known for their rotisserie chickens...I really have no idea and don't really care because I've never eaten one there. When I go to Tanner's I want two things: Chicken  lips and Buffalo Chicken Fingers. And usually beer too, but that's a given.

We know one of the managers there so shortly after we sat down he brought over a massive plate of chicken lips. Hot damn these things are good.

Since I ate so many chicken lips I went for the buffalo finger basket for dinner instead of the entree sized.  The 'fingers' are huge. I'd say probably 1/3 a breast. I always end up eating one or two of my wife's chicken fingers so this was plenty. As a side note, we came in when the third round of trivia was starting and managed to work our way up to 4th place at one point. Then we got screwed on the bonus. It was about Mark Twain and some stupid contest that he invented for one of his books and it still goes on in CA.

I also drank.

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