March 22, 2010

Go to McCray's if you want to feel like the king of Lawrenceville

Some chip things. Forgot the Name.
 I rode the coattails of a gorgeous day outside Saturday into a pretty nice evening. We went to McCray's in Lawrenceville. The rooftop seating is really where it's at. Very cool. The courthouse view sparked an interesting conversation about Larry Flynt.

Ate some food. Some chip things covered in blue cheese bacon tomatoes and stuff, you really can't go wrong with these things. I had a Buffalo Chicken Panini. Pretty good. The fries were really crispy on the outside which I love. The breeze cooled them off pretty quickly though so I had to abandon them. My wife had the burger. Tasted like a stadium burger...which is great....if you're at a stadium. I'd stay away from it.

Sweetwater is their beer of the month. So we had a few $2.50 (!!!) 420s as well.

Buffalo Chicken Panini
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