March 23, 2010

Lady & Son's Dinner....

Tonight we had a dinner party at The Lady & Son's here in Savannah. This is Paula Deen's restaurant and I must say, this was pretty good for a buffet. We were in the party room downstairs and had an open bar along with the buffet. I took a picture of the salad bar, however I refused to waste any of these calories on anything healthy. First plate included fried chicken, ribs, mac-n-cheese, lima beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, and candied yams. They also served cheese biscuits and ho cakes. The ho cakes are like a pancake, but are instead made with corn meal. I decided there was more to taste up there on the buffet, so another plate was in order. Black eyed peas, lasagna, more yams and another piece of chicken. Then dessert came out and it was peach cobbler. I washed all this down with several Chivas Regal's and soda.

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