March 07, 2010

Lunch at the Forsyth Park Cafe...

Little did we know that after I ate this lunch that we would be taking our son to the hospital (which had nothing to do with the food or lunch, but a rare illness that took over his body). This is a new cafe that opened inside the newly built amphitheater at Forsyth Park. The cafe is part of the restaurant group that also owns 700 Drayton and Rocks on the Roof. I got the Gyro and shoestring fries. They had these really cool Heinz product packets. Here you can see the ketchup packets that are HUGE!

Forsyth Park Cafe on Urbanspoon


  1. please tell me the trip to the hospital had NOTHING to do with the Cafe!!??!! Lunch looks delish.

  2. he got food poisoning?? thats horrible.