March 19, 2010

Polish Smoked Meats in Suwanee

My friend Kelley told me about this place or I would have never known it existed. It's pretty well hidden within a mostly industrial/warehouse area off Brogdon Rd. Neat place to look around-nice selection of meats/sausages and a bunch of stuff I would need a translator to evaluate. They have a cool little lunch menu (In English) and a couple of tables..but this is mainly a take out deal. I got their version of the club sandwich on some excellent multi-grain bread served with a pickle (retrieved from an actual pickle barrel) and a cookie..right around $5. The highlight was the doughnut like pasty filled with an amazing creme-its called a Pgcaki (bottom photo). Very similar to a doughnut but the texture is different-and better..the Pgcaki set me back 69 cents.

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