March 04, 2010

Seafood feast at Caneel Bay

Quality of the pictures isn't all that great, but the food was decent. Each Monday Caneel Bay offers something I think they call the Island Feast or something like that. It's all you can eat for about $90 including tip IIRC.

These are two of the plates I had. The first was a grilled lobster tail with butter and some fruit and cheese and bread and whatnot on the plate. The second was swordfish with some kind of a mango/pepper salsa. First time I had ever had swordfish for some reason and I really liked it. I will have it again one of these days.

I also had some other stuff but it's a bit hazy now. That was the night after I had been out on the water bar-hopping at the BVI beach bars all day.

Honestly, for the money I wouldn't choose this meal since there are many fine options on St. John at a lower cost. Caneel used to be the Rockefellers old hangout and I guess they didn't have to worry about such things. Most of us do however.

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