May 23, 2011

Toasted and Tapped Brewery Restaurant in Flowery Branch

Snagged a $20 for $10 Groupon for this place a week or so ago and cashed it in on Friday. (Side note, Groupon type deals are all the rage nowadays. There's normally an ad for one of the companies in our sidebar. If you're not with Groupon yet, click here to sign up free. It's the jam.)

Toasted and Tapped is a brewery/restaurant in what I guess is considered downtown Flowery Branch. Heard about the place on a recommendation so I was jacked when the Groupon came through for it.
The building itself is in what looks like an old house with the front rooms converted into a brewery. All the guts of the beer operation are proudly on display as soon as you walk in. I've brewed some beer myself so this was intriguing enough on it's own. They brew a number of different beers in various styles on the premises. There were 3 available when we went 1. Big Bang Brew 2.Captain Eddy's and 3. Nutless Brown Ale. Lastly, on the beer side, I loved the smell of the place. It smelled like fresh beer. Delicious.

I had the Big Bang and Nutless Brown. Both were delicious...almost too good. Big Bang was a sweet malty brew and nutless brown is a sweet/sour brown ale. It didnt have the typical nutty taste of other brown ales, I guess it lived up to it's name. Next time I want to try their IPA and the 10oz pour Belgian. 

We showed up right after a big rush. Good and bad on that. They were out of some good looking appetizers, but we didn't have to wait or deal with crowds.

-Fried Zucchini app. - Pretty good, don't think I'd get it again.
-I had BLT Quesadilla - pretty good, very good house cut fries
-Wife got Burger Florentine - Very good. She had some preference about the spinach, but I can't really remember.

I'm bummed we missed out on  the full appetizer menu, so when you go make sure you show up early.

Toasted and Tapped on Urbanspoon

Big Bang Brew 4.8%abv

Nutless Brown Ale 5.5%

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