May 20, 2011

Not your typical lunch meeting

Usually the Chamber or Tourism luncheons are nothing to write home about. You usually get the standard "Chamber Chicken". You might get a piece of cheesecake. It is just always a lot of meh on top of meh.

Well, yesterday the Tourism Leadership Council's luncheon was at Savannah Technical College. Again...not looking promising at all. Little did we know that there is a culinary school there and they were the ones preparing our lunch for us today. Students making lunch for us? Again...the red flags went up. Got to say, outside of the pate, it was an excellent lunch.

Plenty of bread on the table is a great way to always start the meal. Especially with the olive oil & balsamic vinegar close by. The appetizer, as I stated before, was meh. I am not one for pate and that pretty much turned me off of the dish right away.

The main course more than make up for that dish with the Osso Bucco. The meat was perfectly cooked and was melting in my mouth. I could have eaten about 3 more of these, it was that good.

The dessert was a peach creme brulee tart with a side of pistachio ice cream. This was a great dish to close out the meal, other than the horrible coffee flavored syrup on the plate. I am not a coffee person and that could have been easily left off the plate.

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