May 22, 2011

Cruise Food Aboard The Disney Dream

This will probably be the longest post in the history of IJAT, but I decided it was best to do this in one massive post rather than a few daily posts.

Below is a collection of what I ate during our cruise May 8th-12th aboard the new Disney Dream. The first few pictures were the first meal we had aboard the ship at Flo's V-8 Cafe, which was located poolside. There you could get everything from pizza, burgers, fries and chicken fingers to sandwiches, wraps, salads, and fruit.

Our first dinner was located inside Animators Palate. This was a very cool dining room where the walls came to life with Crush, Nemo, Dori and the rest of the cast from Finding Nemo. This is pretty much a Pixar room and my son loved every second we were in there. During dinner Crush made his way, window to window, around the room and interacted with each table. He would pick someone out at a table and have a full conversation with them. The dinner itself was pretty good as I had the veal trio.

The next group show breakfast as we pulled into Nassau. Amazing view of the ocean and sunrise to have during breakfast.

Some other highlights through the rest of the pics:

The BBQ buffet at Castaway Cay for lunch was outstanding. Ribs, Mahi, Chicken...pretty much everything you could want was there.

The Watermelon & Honeydew cold soup was amazing! I had this after eating the spicy Conch Chowder. It was a very nice palate cleanser and was quite refreshing.

The desserts were pretty meh, except for the last ones. The Creme Brulee was one of the best I have ever had and the Grand Marnier Souffle was beyond anything I expected it to be.

During that same meal I had an amazing Rack of Lamb and a cold duck appetizer. The French Onion Soup though was not good at all. Hard to call it soup since all the liquid was pretty much soaked up into the bread. It was more like French Onion Bites, but far from the real French Onion Bites at The Stanton Social in NYC. One of these days I will try those for myself.

Enjoy the pics. I know it is a lot to go through, but it was a lot to eat as well.


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