May 16, 2011

Olives Mediterranean Cafe in Nassau

Who would have thought that conch fritters and lamb gyros would be a perfect match? However, in Nassau this is exactly the case. Olives Mediterranean Cafe is an excellent marriage of the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Tucked away in a side alley off of Bay St. in the heart of Nassau, Olives is one of those gems you are glad you stumbled upon. We were walking down Bay St last week looking for some lunch when we saw a sign pointing us down an alley to Olives. What we walked up to was a little side cafe with a few tables and a lot of charm. Olives has a full lunch and dinner menu, plus a bar for those that want some libations. As for what I ate...

You can't go to the Bahamas and not have conch. These conch fritters were the right amount of spice and conch. A great way to start lunch and get my fill of fresh conch. The gyro took quite a while to come out. Actually, quite a while is an understatement. It actually took almost 40 min for the gyro to come out. It was worth the wait, as far as gyros go. The lamb wasn't tough and was cooked perfectly. They didn't go overboard on tzatziki sauce, which many places tend to do so often.

If you are ever down that way, check Olives out. It is a nice break from the norm and they have free WiFi. The last picture is one I took from our cruise ship, the Disney Dream, as we pulled into Nassau.

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