May 19, 2011

Publix Sub and Spicy Cayenne & Cheese Lays

Today was a work from home day. I love work from home days for a number of reasons, but one is that my lunch options are different than they are at the office. Lately I've been on a Publix sub kick. I don't know what brought it on, nor do I care. These things are awesome. I also treat myself to a fancy bag of chips almost every time. Today I went with Lay's Ketttle Cooked Spicy Cayenne and Cheese chips. They didn't taste exactly like cayenne or cheese. Do chips ever though? Have you ever had pizza flavored pringles? I used to LOVE those when I was a kid. They definitely don't taste like pizza.

The sub was an ultimate. Ham, cheese, turkey, roast beast and swiss + condiments. I've tried to nail down exactly what is better about these than Subway or whatever and I know it starts with the bread. I should try getting just bread and mayo one day to see how it tastes. My guess is it will be delicious. On to the pics...

I ate outside with the dogs today since it was so nice. Freaking perfect 70-72 out. I also got a new camera, (This awesome white Pentax k-x. I call it the Storm Trooper) so you are blessed with some super huge pics if you want to guess every condiment on my sandwich. 

Chips, Sandwich, Lemonade


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  1. I eat a Publix sub no less than 3x a week. Lately, I've been getting the Ultimate (double meat) on a spinach or tomato wrap in order to cut down on carbs/calories. Although I like Publix sub rolls, the wraps are very filling if you get 2x meat.