May 20, 2011

Spiced Right BBQ in Suwanee, GA. The Challenge for Best Ribs (in the state, county, country?) is On.

This is the 3rd location for the Spiced Right BBQ family. I remembered eating at the one in Lilburn when I was a young pup many many years ago and was excited to see this location pop up. (In an old Shane's Rib Shack location, nonetheless).

This is based on my 2 visits there in the past 2 weeks. The first time my wife and I stopped in she got a pulled pork sandwich and I had a 1/2 rack w/ side of stew. The pulled pork was pretty good - not sauced before hand (GREAT sauce here) and nice big chunks. Stew was fine, even better with some sauce in it. These ribs though. Holy mother of pig Jesus. They were excellent.

Went back with the in-laws this past weekend and did what I suggest everyone reading this does. Go straight for the ribs. Forget everything else, except maybe some bread to make a rib meat sandwich.

Here's a list of awesome things about these ribs:
  1. Meat fell off the bone. And not in a mushy way either. Tender tender rib meat.
  2. Smoky crust on the outside. Awesome flavor. Very smoky with just a hint of sweetness. 
  3. Ribs didnt even need sauce. I used some, of course, because it's awesome. Not necessary though. If you're a glutton like me, the sauce also helps the ribs go down easier when you're approaching the fill level. 
  4. I love animal fat. These ribs had the most delicious pieces of animal fat on them. It wasn't all over the place and not so prevalent that my wife was disgusted by it, but enough for me to taste and savor all the gooey goodness. 
  5. Throw these things on some white bread with some sauce and say hello to an amazing sandwich. 
Also, they have very bangin banana pudding. So go get ribs, white bread and banana pudding. Maybe a drink too.


  1. I wonder if they can smoke better than the Lilburn location? The brisket at Lilburn is horrendous. The pork is pretty good. Will have to try the ribs. The okra and fries are really good.

  2. I can't comment on the brisket. I hate bad brisket. thanks for the heads up.