May 16, 2011

Portobello at Downtown Disney

Some would say that it is sad that the best part of your meal was the bread. However, in this case it isn't really a bad thing. The problem is that there was nowhere for the meal to go but down after the bread and roasted garlic came out. I will get back to this in a second...

Portobello is one of those places you wouldn't expect to find in a place like Downtown Disney. It has the feel of a local family restaurant rather than one that is part of a bigger national restaurant group. Portobello is part of Levy Restaurants that also has Fulton's Crab House and Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe in Downtown Disney. It has the charm of a local eatery and reminds you of that every step of the way through your meal.

Speaking of the meal, lets talk about the best part of it. After we ordered we were brought out a plate of roasted garlic. There was a bottle of olive oil on the table, so I poured some of that on the plate along with some cracked black pepper. The garlic is so tender you can dig your knife into it and spread the garlic on your bread like butter. This was like putting heaven on your bread with every bite. Really hard to have anything better once you taste this.

The salad came out and it was meh at best. For my lunch I got the meatball sliders. These were really good, and I was informed that they make all their meatballs fresh every morning. The first meatball, from left to right, was a chicken meatball. This was different and good all at the same time. The second meatball was a spicy pork one that had fire breathing out of it for days. The last meatball was a beef & veal meatball that was the best of the bunch.

For something off the beaten path while at Downtown Disney, Portobello was a pretty decent choice.

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