May 16, 2011

Shami Kabab in Duluth - Afghan Restaurant

I'm going to preface all this by saying I've never even considered Afghan food as an international style I have ever thought about, much less considered trying. So when I saw 'Shami Kabab - An Afghan Restaurant' pop up in a shopping center not far from my office I was intrigued to say the least.

So what is Afghan Food? Here's the wikipedia entry on afghan cuisine. It didn't really whet my appetite or anything. At the mention of naan I thought it was going to be like Indian food, and I love Indian, so I was willing to give it a shot.What I should have paid more attention to was that the shami kabab is an actual dish. It's a kebab that's made from minced mutton, beef or chicken and spices. AKA meat stick. AKA awesome.

Side was some awesome eggplant and rice. Shami beef kabab is where it's at though. Hit this place up if you're in the Duluth/Gwinnett Arena area and looking for something different.

Shami Kabab Afghan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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