November 27, 2010

my first experience with banana pancakes and getting songs stuck in your head

As I mentioned yesterday, pancakes are a hot item in my house. This morning some bananas caught my eye while I was in the kitchen so I decided to give banana pancakes a shot. I used 3 bananas total and made 3 big pancakes. Probably about1/2 of a banana got smashed up in the batter (pioneer baking mix) along with some vanilla. I put them on the griddle and then put bananas on the raw side.

The trick I figured out while I was doing this is that you have to find a sweet spot while cooking the first side where it is almost too done. That way it cooks through to the other side some. When you flip them over the banana side will require minimal cooking so there won't be burnt banana all over your house.

The downside of all this is that I had the jack johnson banana pancake song I don't like stuck in my head while cooking them (and still sorta do).

I'm hoping that if I listen to the whole thing it will go away. wish me luck.

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