June 25, 2010

Zaxby's: A Shrink Ray Hit The Chicken's fingers?

In high school Zaxby's used to be my standard after-school fare. I was good for 1-2 trips a week. We would get our food then go sit in a corner of the restaurant where the workers couldnt see us then experiment with soaking up Cherry Fanta spills with salt. True Story. I'm a rebel. Looking for some throwback yumminess and to soak my brain in Zax Sauce I talked my wife into going to Zaxby's (she hates that place) for dinner.

I got the chicken finger plate. 5 of these bad boys.

I used one of her wings and a piece of toast to show scale and I still don't think it does this situation justice. I've been to Zaxby's quite a few times since my teenage years and while I sometimes wonder why I even bother eating the fries I've never been so disappointed by the size of the chicken fingers. this was barely bigger than a wing flat and just as skinny. They were all this size. Bummer.

Next time I'm just going to buy 3 packs of Zax Sauce and eat it with a spoon. Also looking into making my own.

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