June 23, 2010

Steez went to Mexico - Part 2 - Mexican Food

There was a fantastic Mexican restaurant at the resort we stayed at. There seemed to be some Americanized Mexican food (or maybe I just thought it was Americanized) and then some other more regional dishes (confirmed authentico by the waitstaff who were all amazing, by the way).
Ceviche. Bomb diggity

Mother of god this was amazing. First thing I ate there and maybe one of the most memorable. Steak tenderloin (rare) on top of some creamed spinach/corn stuff. Side of guac, pico and beans.

Wife's fajitas. Good, nothing out of the ordinary though.

Cactus salad. Weird man.
Jicama salad (I think) neither one of those salads were anything I liked.

Cheese dip with chorizo. HOLY S THIS MADE ME SMILE.

Poblano stuffed with Beef, like a chili relleno.

This thing was OOOO WEEE. Grouper, wrapped in a plantain leaf, cooked in aluminum foil. Amazing.

Wife's enchiladas. Don't remember what the other 2 sauces were but the dark one was a chocolate mole type sauce. She wasn't a huge fan of them.

Wasn't sure whether to include this on the buffet post, but it's mexican. From the Mexican buffet night, my wife's plate. Mine disappeared quickly so I don't have a pic, and honestly, I'm not sure what most of that stuff is. Except for the beet in the middle. Lots of beets all over down there.

dessert plate from the Mexican mariachi buffet night. the churro and the big fried thing under it were both BADASS. Rest of it was forgettable.

from our 2nd trip to the bangin Mexican restaurant. An appetizer sampler. I dont remember what all the things are but the middle is a BBQ pork style dish that they eat down there every sunday. it was really good.

A Mexican shrimp tower. they light it on fire. I didn't want shrimp. I just wanted my food to get caught on fire.
table setting in the mexi-place.

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