June 08, 2010

El Gauchito Argentinean Steakhouse in Queens, NY

The #4 meat combo at El Gauchito Argentinean Steakhouse in Queens, NY.
Wasn't feeling like too big of a meal, so I dialed it back off my usual
experience. It's a short rib, a chorizo (not a Spanish chorizo), and a
piece of skirt steak--I ordered the second chorizo. Nothing but beef and
salt on that place, aside from the pepperoncini. If you ever visit NYC,
this place is definitely worth the schlep. I highly recommend the mixed
grill, the entrana (16 oz. skirt steak), the vacio (16-18 oz. flank) or, for
lighter fare, the #4 combo. Do it on the last night of your trip
however--it's a butcher shop first, restaurant second. If you like what you
ate, go to the butcher counter, tell them you're visiting, place your order,
and they'll pack it for your trip home--even try to put a quick freeze on it
if there's enough time. Just don't expect fancy decor or good sides--you're
there for one reason and they know it better than you do.

Submitted by Smitty via ijustatethis@gmail.com.

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