June 25, 2010

Steez went to Mexio - Part 3 - Etc.

Steak tartare and french fries (?).
This last batch is a catch-all of pics from Mexico. I thought I had more but turns out it's just appetizers from the French place and some room service meals (Spent a day laying in bed watching world cup and movie channels since my wife had an ear infection.)

We also went to sushi, indonesian, italian and lobster places they had on site but I guess I was too preoccupied with being on vacation to get pics of them. Sorry. Next time, I promise.

What you're looking at is some steak tartare and 'pomme frites', goose liver pate (not as good as I remember).  and the last 2 are just a mish mash of shit we got through room service. 24 hour room service at the resort - we did order a hamburger at 4am one night (morning?).

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