May 22, 2010

Pulling Taffy

Spent a little time at Savannah Candy Kitchen today during a rain storm. While we are there we watched them make watermelon taffy from start to finish. It is a pretty cool process to see. The pulling machine that rolls, cuts, and wraps the taffy was built in 1914. Process starts with the caramel taffy that is laid out to cool, bubbles removed, and then rubbed down to a nice sheen. It is then placed on the machine that pulls the taffy and brings air into the mixture. This then brings it from the golden color to a near white state. Then then add in color and flavor while this is happening and it is folded in during the process. First they added in pink, some was pulled off, and then green was added to the rest. You can then see how the pieces are put together and the process is finished. My nieces and nephew were very excited to watch this process and get the free samples that were tossed out as they were being wrapped.

Can't make it to Savannah? You can order their great candies online at:


  1. This place rocks. I grew up in Savannah and have been here many times. Watching the taffy and the pralines and the fudge being made has gotten me through many a day.

  2. I am about to put up the praline and some other pics from there as well.

  3. Was there last fall. Bought taffy and pralines. Good stuff.