May 16, 2010

Caribbean Flavors Restaurant

Tried a new place tonight. New for me anyway, they have been there about 15 months. Caribbean Flavors restaurant is on Highway 124 in Snellville. The family is from St. Thomas and they have owned restaurants in Alabama and North Carolina for many years. I met the chef, Leroy Walwyn. Nice guy.

Now for the food. To start I had a simple garden salad with a raspberry vinegarette dressing and johnny cakes. The salad was just your basic salad but I really liked the johnny cakes. They were good and filling.

For my entree I got the jerk chicken with rice and peas. It came with two sides so I chose fried plantains and macaroni and cheese. It was a ton of food, and all of it was quite tasty. I like this place and will go back again. The great thing was the price. I got all of this for only $7.95! Just an unbelievable value.

And I was liking the music they were playing as well. It was a happy, tropical, upbeat vibe with lots of steel drums. So I mentioned this to one of the guys and he says "Hold on, talk to my wife over there". So I walk over and tell her that I was just saying how much I liked the tunes and she says, "Oh good! Give me your name and phone number and I will burn a CD for you!" So, in addition to the great food at a great price, I'm gonna get a cool new CD out of the deal as well.

Everybody who likes a little Caribbean food should go to this place.

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