April 12, 2010

The KFC Double Down - Meat is the new bread.

 I can't think of another food item that achieved such similar cult-like status before it even came out as the KFC Double Down. I remember seeing rumblings of this on the internet months ago and thinking "if only...".

I'm gonna be real honest here for a second. I'm a sandwich guy. I will put almost anything in between two pieces of bread and eat it. As I've made my transition over to low carb land and realized how great it is the neverending sandwich construction is the one thing I really miss. Now KFC has shown me a path to enlightenment. Sandwiches have evolved. Bread was just  medium, a replaceable piece of the bigger puzzle of blended flavors. Meat is the new bread. For a carnivore like me, that's like sweet sweet poetry. I can have my sandwich and eat it too. Now, I'm not saying this is a healthy choice by any means. I doubt KFC uses the finest organic hormone and antibiotic free sources for their chicken, bacon and  cheese, but it opens up doorways. And it is only 540 calories...I know that's not low by any means but a 12" subway turkey on wheat has 560 and look at Jared, he was skinny for a while.

So this Double Down...its a delicious combination of salty fats and proteins. It looks surprisingly good compared to the ads. I've seen horror pics but obviously the kind people at my local KFC care about this product. Chicken, cheese, bacon and some kind of sauce...I can't pick out the flavors, but I didn't really spend the time trying to. I just enjoyed the epic revolutionary sandwich. Overall it was amazing.

Final verdict: A bit salty (Something like 1380 grams of sodium, but who's counting?) and would it be weird if I said I was going to ask for extra cheese next time? This would be a GREAT snack to grab on the way home from the bar.

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  1. I was not so impressed, it was...OK. I was sooo expecting more.