January 09, 2011

Shrimp Spring Roll

I was trying to think of something while in The Fresh Market to go with the P.F. Chang's General Tsao's Chicken (which I have reviewed before) that I was making for dinner and was drawn to the "Sushi with Gusto" counter.

This is the same fresh sushi counters that are in many grocery stores these days, but it just seems that there is more variety at The Fresh Market. Still, if I could change one thing it would be them being able to make certain rolls upon request (especially if they have everything on hand). I really was wanting a roll like the Montgomery Crossroll, but the guy behind the counter told me he couldn't make it. All he really needed to do was make a California Roll and add tuna. Oh well, that couldn't be done but the Shrimp Spring Roll caught my eye.

The Shrimp Spring Roll is very fresh and refreshing to eat. It is loaded with cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and avacado. It is then rolled up and sealed with a little lemonayse. They then take a cooked shrimp and lay it on top of the roll and wrap everything up in rice paper. It comes with a spicy duck sauce that is the perfect compliment to these rolls. Dipping each bite into this spicy sauce gives it the extra bite and flavor it needs.

Give this roll a shot the next time you pass by the sushi counter in the grocery store. I really think you will like it.

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