January 09, 2011

Chorizo Omelette from J. Christopher's

Been a while since we have hit up J. Christopher's as it can tend to be pretty pricey for breakfast, but today we decided to head downtown and partake in their brunch menu. I found this little diddy on the "Today's Specials" menu and decided to give it a shot. This omelette was loaded with tons of ground chorizo sausage, roasted red peppers and topped with buffalo mozzarella. I got it with a side of potatoes and it came with an english muffin. I say an english muffin, but for some reason this came out with 2 english muffins. The omelette was very good, but it actually could have benefited from less sausage or having it sliced instead of ground. I enjoyed eating this very much, but I just think it would have been better served with less or sliced.

It was about 25 degrees outside when we got there and had to park a couple of blocks away. Since I mentioned that, a huge negative with going anywhere below Liberty here in Savannah is having to try and find a parking space. It can be quite a challenge and a hassle. Today we were fortunate to find a space not that far away, but yet still far enough that it made for a very cold walk. So I decided to warm my bones with a hot chocolate, since I am not a coffee drinker. This was a pretty run of the mill hot chocolate, but it did hit the spot.

Also, I would like to recommend the Caprese Benedict, for those that like Caprese salads and like Eggs Benedict...this is a match made in heaven for you. My wife got it and enjoyed every bite. Think buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil on top of an english muffin and then topped with your egg and Hollandaise Sauce. I didn't take a picture of it, but it looked excellent.

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