January 26, 2011

Egg Salad Perfection

For something that is so easy to make a lot of people sure don't know how to make good egg salad, let alone great egg salad. I tend to think my egg salad is more towards the latter. I assume that most people know how to hard boil eggs, how to cool them down, and how to peel them. So with most knowing how to do that, the perfect egg salad then comes down to 2 things, the chop and the mix.

The chop is something that most people that for granted. They tend to over chop and created this fine mixture. For some that is ok, but for me egg salad needs to be chunky. I have found that the hand chopper pictured is the best way to get the right combo of chopped to chunky. Sure...you could use a fork to accomplish the same results, but it isn't as much fun as using this tool.

Once you get your desired chop it is then time to fold in your mix. For me this is a large spoonful of Hellman's, because nothing else is really mayo, and a little bit of Horseradish mayo to taste. I say you want to fold this in because over mixing will kill your egg salad. Fold it in scooping from the bottom to the top. You might want to use a rubber spatula for this so you can get the right texture. A little black pepper and you are then set for consumption.

By all means you can eat this as is right out of the bowl. However for me, the best way to eat this is with some fresh tomato slices with either a croissant or fresh white bread. For this meal I went with the croissant and it was a great choice for my perfect egg salad.

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