August 28, 2010

Sushi and some other Japanese stuff

Tried this new Japanese place...well, it is an old place but new for us...for dinner tonight. I had some sushi, a salad and an egg roll. Got the teriyaki chicken for the kid. He loved it. I did eat some of the veggies and maybe 2 pieces of the chicken. It was all white meat, so it was real chicken (I think) and it was good. The sushi was called a "Montgomery Crossroads", named after the street the restaurant is on. It was tuna, crab, and avacado. It was a very good roll that I would gladly get again. The salad with ginger dressing...hard to screw that up (unless they don't drain the lettuce like most Japanese restaurants never do). The eggroll was par for the course as far as egg rolls go. This was split in half for presentation. Not cool and not easy to eat. We will go back to this place.

Sushi Time Towa on Urbanspoon

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