February 09, 2011

Chicken & Waffle Sliders from Rocks on the Roof

At the Bohemian Hotel in Savannah @rocksontheriver is a rooftop bar and restaurant with some of the best views and food that Savannah has to offer. To be exact you have Rocks on the Roof which is the bar that has a smaller menu offerings and there is Rocks on the River Modern Grille which is the full service restaurant.

So last night at Rocks on the Roof I ate one of the most ridiculously amazing things I have ever eaten. This was chicken & waffles taken to the next level and then some. Basically this is a nice size chicken tenderloin that is fried to perfection and then placed between 2 sweet Belgium Waffles. Oh...if it was only that simple.

Combined with these two great items, that were meant to be eaten together, was this red pepper jam that complimented the chicken & waffle perfectly. Just when you think you are hitting the highest point of flavor...you get hit with this sprinkling of Boursin Cheese that is melting with every bite on under the chicken and on the waffle. But that isn't enough! They then drizzle this honey grain mustard syrup combo (I think that is what it was) on the bottom of the plate and sprinkle powdered sugar over everything. Like I said, ridiculously amazing!

This might be a "slider", but this isn't one you pick up and eat. Grab your fork and knife and savor every bite of this treat.

This meal was washed down with a couple of Crown & Gingers. However, the bartender made us a shot that was the perfect compliment to this meal. It was called a "Blueberry Waffle". It was made with non-chilled Blueberry Vodka and Butterscotch Schnapps. The mixture of these two together in a shot gives you the sensation that you just swallowed a warm blueberry waffle. Not bad at all and it went well with the meal.

I am sorry for the dark pictures, but it was very hard to get a well lit photo in there.

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